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Yin and Yang Soy candle - Purple and White

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Beautiful handmade candle, hand poured with love in Melbourne.

The Yin and Yang candle is 100% soy wax and is actually 2 separate candles.

Approx 7.5 x 7.5 cm. 

Purple - Sweet Fig Scent

White - Prosecco Scent


Soy wax candles can turn yellow/frosty over time due to what scent is mixed in and uv light. To avoid this keep out of direct sunlight.
This doesn’t affect the quality of the candle
- All candles are hand made, quality shape and size will differ through each candle.
- Our candles can sometimes have little sink holes at the bottom due to the temperature change when the candle is setting, this is not visible when the candle is sitting face front and only occurs at the bottom of the candle
- Soy wax is also prone to frost patches with temperature changes.
It does not affect the quality of the candle and is a normal process
- Our candles are made mainly for home decor purposes
If you wish to light there must be a dish underneath and never should be left unattended
- burn time differs with different size/ shaped candles. On average burn times can be 20min to 1 hour.
- no refunds for damaged items during transit.