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Otway Crystals

White and Brown Dream Catcher

White and Brown Dream Catcher

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This stunning dream catcher is a combination of white and brown colors that adds a charming touch to the design. With 5 rings in varying sizes, it likely creates an intricate and visually appealing pattern. The overall length of approximately 55cm allows it to be a noticeable and eye-catching decorative piece.

The large hoop, which measures approximately 21cm across, serves as the focal point of the dream catcher. Dream catchers are believed to filter out bad dreams and negative energies, allowing only good dreams to pass through and descend upon the sleeper. They have significant cultural and spiritual symbolism in various Native American traditions.

Whether used as a decoration for a bedroom or any other living space, the dream catcher is likely to be a captivating addition to any room's aesthetic. Its design and size make it a unique and special item, providing both decorative and symbolic value.

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