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Protection Magic Resin Blend 25ml

Protection Magic Resin Blend 25ml

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This ancient protection blend of resins, herbs and oils should be used whenever you feel threatened in any way and is especially useful when you:

* Have the feeling the world is out to get you
* Sense conflict within the family or workplace
* Can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel
* Feel unease but can’t pinpoint its cause
* Get the feeling someone is sending you bad energy

Use this blend whenever you sense the need. You will experience a calming effect and an increased feeling of courage, strength, self confidence and resilience. It is best to burn on charcoal discs on burners.

Protection resin blend comes in a 25ml glass test tube. All ingredients used are of the highest quality and are 100% natural.

When burning resins on charcoal blocks please take extreme care and do not pick up charcoal with hands ( use tongs) and place burning charcoal on a bed of sand in a heat proof dish. Never leave charcoal to burn unattended. 

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