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Native Australian Smudge Stick - Grass Tree Blend - Inner Warrior

Native Australian Smudge Stick - Grass Tree Blend - Inner Warrior

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All of our smudge sticks now come with no plastic packaging.

Smudge Sticks made from Australian Native Plants carry the healing energy of nature. Each blend is specially created to heal a different aspect of your life. Australian Smudge can be used to clear your energy field, or surroundings. Sit and hold the smudge stick as you would hold a crystal. Use them as a tool for healing and centering. The ingredients of our Australian Native Smudge are sustainably wild harvested in Dorrigo NSW. All products are handmade in Australia

Grass Tree Blend 

Approx 22cm long

Grass Tree : Ignites the inner warrior, gives strength to stand your ground.
Bracken: Grounding, focus and order.
Tea Tree : Yin and yang balance, cleansing, detoxifying and purifying.

Smudging sticks can be used every day or just when the need arises.
Simply light the stick and circulate it around your body and surroundings.

Use your intuition to create your personal ritual or meditation. If your intention is clear and your heart is in the right place, you can’t go wrong.

The smoke of various herbs has been used for thousands of years by many cultures including Roman, Native American and Indigenous Australian.

The smudging stick method originated with the Native Americans using herbs such as
sage, cedar and sweet grass.

As Smudge Sticks absorb moisture easily, please keep them wrapped.
If hard to light, dry in sun or next to fire place.

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