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Felt Fairy House - Woodland fairy house

Felt Fairy House - Woodland fairy house

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This is the home of the ever busy woodland fairy. The woodland fairies are very very busy fairies. They gather kindling for fires, mushrooms and nuts for dinner for all fairies in the woodlands. They also gather daily all the ingredients for the witch potion fairy who lives deep in the forest. 

All of our felt is handmade in the communities of Nepal under fairtrade, which provides a good wage and a safe family friendly workplace for many women in Nepal.

The felt is also created from 100% Aussie Wool which supports our Aussie Farmers. You can also support them by visiting rural aid HERE

When you’re buying a gift are you thinking ethical? Fairtrade? Eco friendly? Handmade? If you are these stunning Felt houses are for you! 


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