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Felt Fairy House - Wonder Home

Felt Fairy House - Wonder Home

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So what is a faery of wonder I hear you say? These are the magical faeries that keep the magical world alive in the super serious world of human! They create wonder in the heart and spirit of anyone who wishes to see and feel the magic in everyday. It may be the golden sunbeams streaming through the forest, the glistening dew drops shining on a spider web, the magical feeling you get when you look into the night sky or the feeling of the wind spirits dancing away the old and blowing in the new. The faeries of wonder are all around us, just stop and remember to breathe, listen and see from your heart, tell that noisey mind to be silent and only then will you see, feel and hear the magic of the wonder faeries.

All of our felt is handmade in the communities of Nepal under fairtrade, which provides a good wage and a safe family friendly workplace for many women in Nepal.

The felt is also created from 100% Aussie Wool which supports our Aussie Farmers. You can also support them by visiting rural aid HERE

When you’re buying a gift are you thinking ethical? Fairtrade? Eco friendly? Handmade? If you are these stunning Felt houses are for you! 


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