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Felt Fairy House - Purple Witch potion House

Felt Fairy House - Purple Witch potion House

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The beautiful vibrant colours of the purple witch potion house may lead you to believe she’s up to no good. Rest asure that the beautiful purple potion witch fairy is bubbling and brewing the most beautiful magical.............perfumes! Yes that’s right the delightful scents of purple lavender, purple tulips, purple irises, purple bell flowers, purple sage flowers and so many more waft around the forest causing big ques at her front gate as all the fairies want some of her delicious smelling  perfume potions.

All of our felt is handmade in the communities of Nepal under fairtrade, which provides a good wage and a safe family friendly workplace for many women in Nepal.

The felt is also created from 100% Aussie Wool which supports our Aussie Farmers. You can also support them by visiting rural aid HERE

When you’re buying a gift are you thinking ethical? Fairtrade? Eco friendly? Handmade? If you are these stunning Felt houses are for you! 

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