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Dragons Blood Powder mix Incense

Dragons Blood Powder mix Incense

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Resin powder incense comes direct from aromatic plants, rather than being manufactured into cones or sticks. One of the oldest and best ways to experience powder incense is to burn on top of a burning brick of charcoal.

Dragons Blood powder is used to increase the power of any incense, bring luck, passion, love and health. For best results burn on charcoal blocks.
Through the years this resin seems to have acquired an almost legendary status amongst those who make their own incense.
In magic it is added to all manner of incense mixes to increase their overall potency. Whatever magical purpose you are spell working gets a little boost, and it is believed to be particularly efficacious in matters concerning love - though I would remind you - love must always be a matter of choice, never something to be acquired through magical means. It won't actually make you fall in love - it will fill your life with love - a quality that makes it easier to attract true love to you.
It is acceptable to use it for healing and enhancing a relationship.
It looks almost black to begin with, but the heat of a charcoal disk turns it blood red - true Dragon's Blood.
Burned as incense it brings loving and positive energies into your home.
Added in powdered form, to red ink, it creates Dragon's Blood Ink - used for writing magical spells with an ink nib, or a simple feather quill.
Worn inside a cloth amulet it increases energy and puts out a positive love vibe

When burning resins on charcoal blocks please take extreme care and do not pick up charcoal with hands ( use tongs) and place burning charcoal on a bed of sand in a heat proof dish. Never leave charcoal to burn unattended. 

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