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Otway Crystals

Ceramic Smudge Bowl

Ceramic Smudge Bowl

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The stunning handmade smudge bowls are unique and individually handmade. Smudging is a spiritual practice used by various cultures to cleanse and purify spaces or individuals using the smoke of certain herbs or resins. Smudge bowls are typically used to hold smudge sticks or charcoal while they burn.

These bowls are one of a kind and handmade in Geelong, Victoria, adding to their appeal as it means each piece is likely to have its own distinct character and craftsmanship. 

If you're interested in incorporating smudging into your spiritual practices or simply enjoy the aesthetic and utility of these bowls, they can make an excellent addition to your home or a thoughtful gift for someone special. Handcrafted items often hold sentimental value and support local artisans, making them even more meaningful to their owners.

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