Helping Communities in Nepal | Felt fairy Houses

Our felt fairy houses are produced by an Australian company, Himalayan Felt Co. It provides local Himalayan communities, particularly women with a fair wage and a safe family friendly work place.

The Wool is sourced in Australia, therefore also supporting Aussie farmers.

Every item is individually handmade making every piece unique.

Miranda and Lobsang, the owners of Himalayan Felt Co. also support their workers with hot meals and celebrate all of the festivals in Nepal. Lobsang is a Tibetan refugee who met Miranda here in Australia and now have 3 children.

After having a kids online store for 7 years I started to lose faith in the products I was Selling, toys mass produced in China with an apparent boutique label.

Himalayan journey’s business ethos, wonderful support to their workers and gorgeous products made me decide the only products I would carry forward to a new business was the beautiful range of felt.

Fairtrade workers in Nepal

Meal break for fair trade workers, Nepal

Fairtrade workers in Nepal