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Quick Glance Crystal Meanings

Crystal meaninings don't have to be complicated and long winded. When you are naturally drawn to a particular crystal or any crystals, make sure you listen to your own intuition and choose from the heart.

Here is a quick reference guide to some of the most popular crystals.

AGATE:  Earth Stones and provide grounding and nourishment which balances yin/yang energy

AMAZONITE: Stone of truthful communication. Unites and aligns the physical and astral bodies.

AMETHYST: Considered a master healer, a powerhouse stone. It vibrates at high frequency creating a strong shield of spiritual protection against negative energy. 

APATITE: Stone of inspiration, creativity and communication. 

AQUAMARINE: Calming and soothing stone that enhances peace, harmony and rejuvenation. Has been a good luck talisman since ancient times.

AVENTURINE: Known as the stone of luck and opportunity. Enchances growth, prosperity and happiness.

BLACK TOURMALINE: Known as the positive stone. Highly protective and deflects negativity on all levels. 

BLOODSTONE: Known as the Stone of courage it enhances good health and longevity and brings good fortune and prosperity.

BLUE LACE AGATE: Considered the stone of peace which symbolises freedom, hope and truth.

CALCITE: Calcite comes in over 300 varieties and colours. Here are a few of the most common calcites:

Red: Bolsters energy and fortifies boundries

Green: Opens the heart chakra and supports growth

Pink Mangano: Improves self worth

Golden: enhances correct use of power and courage

Blue: Soothes emotions and offers protection

Yellow: Dissolves self doubt and boosts confidence

Optical: Provides Clarity and enhances deep inner strength

CARNELIAN: Boosts vitality, confidence and sexuality. Enhances creativity and activates will power.

CELESTITE: Known as the stone of Angels. Used in prayer, meditation and contemplation to communicate with celestine entities.

CHALCEDONY: Known as a nurturing stone it encourages creativity, self confidence and balances mind and body.

CITRINE: Known as the success stone. Its connection to the sun brings success, prosperity and abundance. Associated with the solar plexus it promotes intellect, wisdom and joy.

FLUORITE: The stone of efficiency and order. Due to its highly organised crystal structure fluorite imparts balance, symmetry, order and progress.

HEMATITE: Is a grounding stone. Has magnetic properties which help to ground and stabilise connection to earth. Brings you back to a grounded reality.

JASPER: Hundreds varieties of jasper all with balancing, nurturing properties promoting tranquility, courage and wholeness.

LABRADORITE: Known as the stone of magic. Uplifting stone that encourages you to reach for the stars. Promotes protection, intuition and imagination.

LAPIS LAZULI: The stone of spiritual love. The mysterious deep blue of Lapis improves awareness, wisdom and creativity. Lapis Lazuli can be traced back over 6500 years and was revered by ancient civilisations.

MALACHITE: Known as the stone of safeguard. Promotes protection, strength and confidence. 

ONYX: Known as the stone of self control. Promotes self control, steadfastness and determination. 

PERIDOT: Known as the stone of the clear mind, breaks mental blockages promoting clarity and cleansing.

QUARTZ: The universal crystal known for manifesting and amplifying energy.  Quartz Absorbs, stores, reflects, amplifies, balances and focuses energy. Program quartz with your intent and energy to use in manifesting and healing.

ROSE QUARTZ: Known as the stone of unconditional love, it promotes love, trust and emotional healing. Encourages love on all levels, giving, receiving and self love. It is a beautiful stone to place in your home or work place to increase the vibration of harmony and love in the environment.

SELENITE: Beautiful magical selenite is said to harness the power of the moon and is named after the goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite brings mental and spiritual clarity and is particularly good to charge other crystals under the full moon. . 

SMOKY QUARTZ: Known as the grounding stone. Helps remove negativity and confusion.Plants feet firmly back on the ground to return to a healthy reality.

TIGERS EYE: The stone of confidence. Strengthens will power and resolve while providing protection, balance and grounding. Gives you strength and courage in difficult times.



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