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Otway Crystals
Dragons Blood Resin and incenses. Otway Crystals

Dragons Blood Resin - Benefits and Uses.

Dragons blood is a vibrantly coloured resin actually sourced from a variety of trees in the Croton, Dracaena, Pterocarpus and Daemonorops species. These trees are found in India, Indonesia, Western Asia and South East Asia.

Resins come direct from aromatic plants rather than being manufactured into cones or sticks. Dragons blood can be used in its resin form, milled powder or there is a huge variety of stick incense available. Also available is white sage smudge sticks rolled in dragons blood resin. Smudging is a potent way to clear negative energy and instill a sense of clarity in your space. Check out our dragons blood smudge sticks here!

Dragons blood is used to increase the power of any ritual, manifestation or spell. It is said to bring good luck, passion, love and health. For best results burn resin or milled powder on charcoal discs. Over time dragons blood has almost climbed to legendary status with the mysterious red resin being used for centuries. In magic it is added to all types of incenses to increase their overall potency. What ever magical workings you are undertaking, your work will get a little boost with dragons blood.

Burned as incense it brings loving and positive energies into your home, add powder to ink to create dragons blood ink to write magical spells with an ink nib or feather. Worn inside a cloth amulet it increases energy and puts out a positive love vibe.

When burning incense charcoal blocks please take extreme care and never attempt to pick up the charcoal with your bare hands, always use tongs. Also always burn your charcoal on a bed of sand in a heat proof dish on a heat proof surface. Never leave a burning charcoal disc unattended.


  Dragons blood room sprayDragons blood smudge sticksDragons Blood resin incense



Here at Otway Crystals we have several Dragons Blood products. Room spray, for those who like to cleanse and smudge with out smoke, white sage smudge sticks rolled in dragons blood resin and milled powders and resins.


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